About Wordscraper

An immensely fun word game for all you addicts! This is your chance to let loose your creativity and build your own word game. This unique game allows you to customize all aspects of the game including – the board, letter counts, tile values and colours! So hop on to the BYOG (Bring Your Own Game) brigade!

Technology Stack

Wordscraper allows customization of game play by the players. The game is available only on the desktop web as of now. In the near future we will be shifting the platform to ReactNative so that the entire experience can be provided on mobile devices as well.

Player Feedback

Word games are now more exciting as it we can have custom boards. I have been playing since a long time. In one word, Wordscraper is fantabulous! It’s a must have app. Best of luck to the Wordscraper team.

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