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Implement IT Enhanced Processes

If you own a business and are looking for IT solutions that can improve your processes, RJS Tech can be a great partner. We help organizations build their business processes around technology.

The impact of tech-enabled processes is manifold. To list a few: improved efficiency, reduced redundancy and in-built disaster management & recovery.


Business Divisions

Focus Areas Of RJS Tech

Our organization consists of a product division and a services division. In the Products division we focus on building games that are published by us across all platforms (Desktop, Mobile Web, Android, iOS and Smart-TVs).

The services division works with a limited set of customers who understand that technology can help them get a distinctive advantage over their competitors.

Our services are most valued by businesses operating e-commerce stores. Technology expertise within RJS is:

Cloud Operations Management / AWS, Google
UI+UX Development / ReactJS
Online Ad Budget Optimization
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