Desired Skills & Experience

General Skills

Working knowledge of Cloud Computing.
Ability to find quick & reliable solutions to problems.
Excellent analytical abilities.

Technical Experience

The candidate should be an expert in Linux and web administration. Preference shall be given to candidates with the following skills:

  • Hands-on knowledge of Amazon Cloud Services.
  • Shell scripting

Job Description

You will be required to manage and improvise the servers that are used for gaming by over 6 million players. Some of these servers are located on the Amazon Cloud and some on self managed dedicated servers. You are to ensure that all services run smoothly and result in the best gaming experience.

Once you are familiar with the setup, you will be required to experiment and make suggestions on how the services can be improved (either by optimizing existing processes or, by create new systems).

This is a high performance job that requires you to be available 24x7 in case of any issues arising in the system. Of course, the number of issues arising would be a result of the quality of work done by yourself!